Lee Middleton
Artist Studio Dolls
Playbabies & Playdolls

Lee Middleton began her doll-making career in 1978 and, for nearly two decades, her superb artistry and skill captivated doll collectors nationwide.

A self-taught artist, Lee Middleton developed her own original techniques for sculpture and doll production. She introduced the "porcelain doll look" in vinyl collectible dolls and later created the first vinyl doll that would be considered truly collectible. Her Lee Middleton BABY SKIN vinyl dolls had such a realistic appearance that they appeared to breathe.

Lee Middleton died unexpectedly in January 1997. However, the company she co-founded lives on and continues to thrive. Talented doll artists Reva Schick, Eva Helland, Linda Henry Boving and Mavis Snyder ensure that the company continues to produce new lines of incredibly life-like Lee Middleton original dolls; however, many of Lee's original designs remain in production. 

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